Just a handy little thing for single people! Makes a cup
Bought while in a coffee craze now I don t use it. It streams your milk for you and makes literally the BEST at home coffee I ve ever had. Got the inspiration for it while travelling in Europe. Bought for 250$
Great toaster oven. Big enough to use as a second oven. We got as a wedding gift, used to reheat pizza like three times We used to live in a condo, and would have used it lots, but moved to a house with two ovens, so basically never use it.
Euc. Don't know much about it was given to us by a relative.
Euc Only lightly used.
I have an apartment-sized Frigidaire refrigerator for sale. (59 1/2" high x 28 3/8" wide x 29 1/4" deep). White, clean. It works "so-so". I bought it used and was lied to. I'm not going to do that to someone else. It gets pretty cold but won't quite freeze anything in the freezer. Would make an awesome beer cooler for the garage though! I'll have it plugged in so you can judge for yourself. $10...
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